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Kerri + Jay – Cascades Fairfield, CT Engagement Session Photos

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Erik & I had so much fun with Kerri and Jay shooting their engagement session yesterday. Kerri is one of those people with a laugh that will have you cracking up just by hearing it – super infectious. I can still hear her laughing as I look through the pictures. Jay is the guy who gets Kerri laughing constantly. They are the kind of couple that just being around them makes you feel even more in love with your own partner. Not to be too sappy, but that is how Erik and I felt after they left yesterday. Here are some of the shots from our adventure in the Cascades in Fairfield.

We found this awesome tree:

The ring (one of my favorites):

By the river. This is one of those images I may have to enlarge. I just love this moment caught between them:

The couple being cute ; )

Another of my favorites:

I love bridges:

The hot couple by the river. Damn Kerri is gorgeous!

After our adventures we thought we needed some ice cream! What better way to end a day trekking through the woods. We stopped at the best place to get ice cream, Dr. Mike’s Ice Cream in Monroe, CT

This is one of those shots I have had in my head for a while. Glad I finally remembered to take it! These two were so steamy together that it was a perfect shot for them.

Here is Erik, getting the shot! (isn’t he cute?)

Two of Erik’s shots that rock!!


Whew – that was a lot of pictures! Kerri & Jay – we had an amazing time with you both. Hope you had a safe trip back to Boston! Can’t wait for the wedding!!

Vicki & Erik

New Website – New E-mail!

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Hi Blog Readers,

Just a quick note to tell you that I have a brand new website at a new location!
I also have a new e-mail address .

I am in the process of switching servers, and I hope to have everything run smoothly. If you are experiencing any issues contacting me via email, please call me at 203.543.9726.

I hope you enjoy the new look of Victoria Souza Photography. Additionally my blog features larger images and my new green color!


Alex – Shelton, CT Senior Session Photos

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Besides the suffocating heat and humidity, almost falling through the wooden planks of the train tracks, discovering when we were halfway across the bridge that they are not actually abandoned train tracks (think Stand By Me), and finding a deer tick on me the next day, we had an awesome time! It was quite an adventurous day, and WELL worth it, I might add. I certainly like a challenge, and Alex was up for it too. I am so happy with the images! It helps that Alex is stunningly beautiful – certainly made my job a bit easier.

one of my favorites:

My Favorite! (and my new favortie portrait):

Aren’t these cute? She designed them herself ; )

Thanks Alex for allowing me to be your photographer for the day! I had a lot of fun ; )