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Catch-up (part 2)

Monday, October 29th, 2007

My other best friend came to visit me for a few weeks – JJ. She moved away from San Francisco, had a fun cross country drive by her lonesome, spent most of the summer in North Carolina, and then stayed with Erik & me for a few weeks before heading up to Boston University for Grad School. I am still kicking myself for not taking that cross country drive with her….although we may never have made it North Carolina. Knowing us, we would of ended up in some desert and never left. Ahhhh….the desert. We share a deep love of the barren desert. Anyway, we had so much fun while she was here catching up on CSI and Bones (my new favorite show) not to mention our weekly Trader Joe’s visits.

Then we took a day trip to NYC. One of my favorite cities. We did some touristy things…I have been there so many times, but I never before saw the Dakota, or Strawberry Fields (my parents weren’t Beatles fans..for shame! although JJ grew up thinking that the Beatles songs her father played on the guitar and sang along to were written by dear old dad) so that was our first stop!

Then we were off to the Empire State Building:

Here is the view from the top:

Little Italy:

The rest are random images, starting with my favorite from the day, taken in a subway station. Enjoy!


Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Any of you out there watch this show on Fox – Bones? It has slowly become my new obsession. I started watching it a bit last year, and now I just started watching the complete first season to catch up. Kathy Reichs, the forensic anthropologist on who life the main character is based, is one of my all-time heroes. I studied this woman (and her work) in college (I was an anthropology major, with an interest in forensics), and she is an absolute genius! I watched the show a few times before I realized that it was based on her experiences, and later learned, based on her crime novels (which I have yet to read…in my spare time). For any of you out there who love a good, gory, crime-solving show, this is the absolute ultimate in entertainment!! And if you don’t already know human anatomy and the names of all the 206 bones (in adults, 300+ in babies and children), you will surely learn them! Even all of the bones in feet & hands (which make up more than 50% of the total bones in an adult). Ok, so this isn’t really photography related…..except that, I find it helps to have an understanding of the human body as the complex thing that it is, as an artist. Ha ha. Welcome to my dorky world ; )

Catch-up (part 1)

Friday, October 12th, 2007

Not too long ago, one of my very best friends and her husband came to visit me & Erik for a couple of days. It was so awesome to see them – I hadn’t seen them since shortly after we moved here from San Francisco a little over a year ago. I can hardly believe it has been so long. I am missing San Francisco so much – especially now that Fall is here. I almost feel like I am back in SF! I think my friends were having a bit of a culture shock here in suburbia. Things don’t move nearly as quickly, and there aren’t many things to “see” know, like large (famous) bridges, incredible food, incredible shopping…you catch my drift.

Thank goodness they share a love of coffee, flowers, cemeteries, ducks, and good pizza and Italian pastry!