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Dorothy + Kevin – Boston, MA Engagement Session Photos

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Dorothy lived in Boston and Kevin lives in South Carolina. They met on a cruise. Dorothy’s sister encouraged her to talk to him. Sparks flew and they kept in touch. Kevin made multiple trips to Boston and Dorothy visited him in North Carolina. Now they are engaged, and they continue to travel back and forth to see each other. How romantic!

Erik and I were so happy to take a trip to Boston to meet Dorothy and Kevin. We knew it would be hard to find a time when we were all available, but this long weekend Kevin and his parents were visiting Kevin’s soon to be in-laws. It was perfect! We couldn’t have asked for a more magical day! Not to mention I love Boston – and this was Erik’s first time is this beautiful city, having lived most of his life in California.

We met up with Dorothy and Kevin at the Boston Common. This was my first time meeting Kevin as well, and as soon as I saw them together, all I could think was “wow!” They are one ‘magnetic’ couple – some people just belong together.

We started off by these willow trees. Have I ever mentioned how much I love willow trees??

The weather was so amazing – I love the ducks in this one.

We found this fun lightpost

Did I mention how insanely gorgeous they are??

LOVE the sun rays…

So handsome!

I love how they look at each other.

This girl should be on a runway!

On the bridge…

The fall leaves

We liked this yellow tree

Then we headed to Carson Beach in Southie! This was where they had their first kiss ; )
Erik and I are both very physical when we shoot, and we will do practically anything to get the shot. This is nothing new, but I say this because halfway during our time on the beach Erik flicked his hand and his wedding band flew off. We searched for a good 20 minutes (Dorothy & Kevin you both are saints!) and no luck finding it. As Erik said – someone who needs it more than us will find it and have a very happy day! We felt bad because Dorothy and Kevin were more concerned than we were – we were certainly bummed for a minute, but once we realized it was lost we didn’t want to lose the good light too!!! We had some seriously SICK light! Have a look.

One of my favs:

Dorothy and Kevin are just natural posers. They just sort of fell into this one and it made me a little emotional to see because it reminds me of a picture I have of my grandparents on their honeymoon. I will have to post it sometime. They are seriously just too stinkin’ cute!

LOVE this one too!

I just had to post this one. I asked them if they felt up to running a bit. Dorothy was like “Seriously?” and off they ran. I think Dorothy may be a bit on the competitive side ; ) This just cracks me up!

I love sunset so much – and I really love how when you turn 180 degrees you can get an entirely different feel to an image. Dorothy loves the purple sky! I love the moon, and soft light….

Dorothy & Kevin we had an amazing time with you both!! Thank you so much for spending the afternoon with us and giving us a taste of Boston and of course, Southie! And thank you for helping us look for Erik’s lost wedding band. We are looking forward to your wedding next year!

Vicki (& Erik)

P.S. Yellow Car! (This is a *fun* new game Kevin & Dorothy introduced us to).

Nancy + Erik – Milford, CT Wedding Photos

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

I met Nancy & Erik a year and a half ago and was immediately stuck by Nancy’s beautiful eyes and laugh, and of course, their strong connection. When Erik and I spent time with them at their engagement session we realized how contagious Nancy’s laugh really is – and how much of an amazing couple they are.

This past Saturday Erik & I were lucky enough to spend the day with them to document their wedding. What better way to spend a Saturday then with a couple with this much love between them!

Nancy’s shoes. I love the tile here – it was the same tiling that was in the bathroom in my childhood home.

Nancy putting on the dress with the help of her ladies!

Love this moment – putting on the finishing touches.

All smiles walking into the church – The First United Church of Christ Congregational in Milford.

And walking down the aisle with Dad:

Erik’s view:

Nancy was smiling through the entire ceremony:

Love this moment Erik captured from the balcony:


Nancy’s Dad checking our her new wedding band:

We headed towards the Milford duck pond and stopped to throw some leaves:

The leaves were so colorful – I love fall!

The newlyweds!

Love this fun shot of Nancy and her veil:

And Erik looking so handsome!

On the bridge:

Erik’s view:

Off to the reception at Laurel View Country Club in Hamden.

Love the table settings!

And the fabulous cake!

First dance:

Erik getting the garter:

LOVE this shot of Nancy tossing the bouquet. Checkout those ladies going for it!

A moment after sunset – Nancy and Erik brought in their own clock tower for this one.

The rings!

Party time!!

Thank you Nancy & Erik (and your families and friends) for so warmly welcoming us and treating us like family! We had such an amazing time and we are looking forward to catching up when you get back from your honeymoon!

Love, Vicki & Erik

Becky + Jon – Westport, CT Wedding Photos

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Last Saturday I was so excited to second shoot for Rob & Kathleen from RJT Pictures. A while back I had the priviledge of taking family photos for Becky and her family, so I was super excited to be there on their wedding day!

Jon and the guys got ready at The Four Point Sheraton in Norwalk. It is such a beautiful hotel and the brown decor matched the colors of the day.

And this little one was just too cute.

Off to the church – St. James Church in Stratford. It is so beautiful inside!

The programs:

The ring bearer – he was a tough one to capture. Not a big fan of the camera!

There were some humorous moments during the ceremony:

I was loving the stained glass above the altar:

Some candids during formal portraits:

Off to the reception at The Inn at Longshore in Westport.

I ran inside to see the cake! Isn’t is magnificent??

Like the reflections of the cards here:

And this moment:

It was so beautiful outside and Rob & Kathleen made me take some pictures of them. Just kidding!! We had a few minutes before going back inside and I captured this moment. Aren’t they cute ; )

The first dance. SO cute!

Love this one…FAV!

I seriously could not stop photographing the little ones:

This one had the dance floor to herself for a while. She reminded me a bit of me at that age!

This guy is super talented! Check this out!

And this was just too funny not to post. Not quite sure what is going on here, but I like it!

Congratulations Becky & Jon! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your day with Rob & Kathleen.
Robbie & Kathleen – Thanks for everything. You guys are the best!