Out With the Old; In With the new!

February 19th, 2008

I think part of why I have been so nostalgic has to do with the fact that so much has been changing around me. At least it feels that way. In December 1986 my dad bought a new 1987 Honda Prelude. I remember how excited he was to get the car – I believe it was his very first new car. He used to take me out for drives on the highway in his “sports car”. Eventually the car was replaced, and it was passed on to my brother for many years….when Erik & I moved to CT over a year ago, we “inherited” the car. Let me tell you that it has been falling apart for a while, but we held on as long as we could. A couple weeks ago we took it the shop for repairs, and the car was put on death row. Two weeks tops was the verdict. Well, we decided to donate the car to Kars 4 Kids and they came and got it yesterday….

Well, we went out and bought our very first new car – completing the cycle. Now we take long drives on the highway, and come up with excuses to drive the new car. Here it is!

We got a new GPS Navigation system (and for those of you who know me well, know I am addicted to GPS) and it totally rocks. I was so excited that we could choose between a number of different languages and male/female voices, etc. We chose a female with an Australian accent. I know…I get excited by strange things. Its also cool that it has Bluetooth integrated for hands free calling. I can’t stand ear pieces for cell phones. I can’t tell you how much it annoys me when people walk around with them in their ears. When they first came out I was living in San Francisco, and I remember seeing people walking down the street talking to themselves – or so I thought. Heh. It was like an epidemic. People on the streets, people on the buses, people in stores…pretty comical actually. I am going off on a tangent as I usually do. Hope you all enjoy your day! I hear we may get snow tonight. It has been a very snowy winter – compared to last year anyway.

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  1. Robert Trenske (RJT) Says:

    Can I say it again? CRAVE the CRV. Enjoy the ride!! Talk to you soon.

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