Fun in the Sun

April 22nd, 2008

It was so beautiful out today, even I had to get out for a bit and get some vitamin D. Spring is my favorite time of year, no doubt. All 3 of our cats are indoor cats, although Arthur is desperate to go outdoors all the time. He likes to sit by the door all day and cry to go outside. As long as we have had him, he has stayed indoors – although we adopted him for the SF SPCA a few years back, and who knows what his previous home was like. Since it was so nice today, i decided to sit outside in the sun with Arthur. He really appreciated it ; )

Although, Mocha started to cry at the door to come out too. She doesn’t like being very far from me….typical burmese.

Mocha wasn’t interested in hanging in the sun with us. She wouldn’t sunbathe! What kind of cat is that? Oy.

Well, that was my interesting afternoon. Just thought I would share.

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  1. Caitlin Clarkson Says:

    So, I had yet to see your blog and I came across it today…and the first pictures that I see are of Cats!!! This was meant to be…I love my kitties! Anyway, keep puting up new photos, I love looking at them and thinking about mine being up here next summer!

  2. Administrator Says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog Caitlin! I wanna see pics of your kitties too ; )

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