Katie + Mike – Water’s Edge Westbrook, CT Wedding Slideshow Photos

July 15th, 2008

Katie and Mike’s slideshow is here! I had the hardest time editing these because so many of the pictures made me cry – getting ready, the ceremony, Katie with her parents, and Mike’s Mom’s expressions. Enjoy the show!

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  1. Val McCormick Says:

    Thanks for the warning. I had to grab a tissue. The shot of the parents during the dance got me. Evoked Emotion; AWESOME!!!

  2. Mr. and Mrs. Dansereau Says:

    Oh my god. Simply incredible – it was our wedding, and WE were crying with nearly all of those shots. Every shot tells a story and is dripping with the style and polish that makes you easily the best photographer we’ve ever seen. We are blessed and extremely lucky to have found you in the raging sea known as the internet, and literally are counting down the seconds to see the rest of the masterpieces you’ve created for us, frame by frame.

    Thank you so much! You’re the best, and we mean it.


    Mike + Katie

  3. Mr. and Mrs. Dansereau Says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Souza You have stolen my heart thank you both.
    Mr. and Mrs. Dansereau!!!!!!!

  4. Vicki Says:

    You guys are way too sweet ; ) You have stolen our hearts!

  5. Daphne Says:

    Hello you two. These pictures with your love song are so moving. I didn’t think I would cry but I did. These pictures capture the beauty,love and devotion you have for each other and your family and friends.
    Amazing still moments!!
    Many, many well wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Dansereau!!
    Light and Love

  6. Kristeen in Cali Says:

    Okay, I had to grab a tissue and I haven’t even met this couple! I could feel the love through the pix! AMAZING, as always!

  7. Robert Berto Berlin Says:

    Oh Wow, Oh Wow
    I LOVED IT! I lost track of time and felt like I was right back at the wedding. I feel really happy.
    Great Memories
    I LOOOVE Katie and Mikey

  8. Robert J. Trenske Says:

    Beautiful job Vicki!!

  9. Vicki Says:

    Thanks for all the comments ; )

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