For all the Newly Engaged

August 12th, 2008

I just realized today that I haven’t posted on my blog in about 3 weeks. Shameful. I have good reasons though – it was my husband’s birthday..I went to Boston on a rare weekend off, and I went to Chicago this past week for a couple days. Sunday I shot a wedding with RJT Pictures. I have plenty to blog about and it will be coming in the next few days!!

Something I hae been meaning to blog about for a while is the book The Conscious Bride: Women Unveil Their True Feeling About Getting Hitched. If you are newly engaged, or even close to your wedding day this is an awesome book! After I got engaged I remember going through a strangely emotional period and I was thoroughly confused. All the women around me I knew who had gotten married were talking about how fun planning a wedding was. I heard over and over that this is a happy time. At times I felt happy, but I also felt so many other emotions ranging from anger, confusion and fear. This book really helped me to appreciate the rite of passage that Marriage is, and helped me to be ok with what I was feeling. I learned that most women DON’T spend the engagement period in a state of elation, and that it is ok! It was a huge relief for me, and if any of you are having uncomfortable feelings, know that it is OK and totally normal…and maybe have a look at this book.

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