Bridget + Paulo – Oxford, CT Engagement Session Photos

November 3rd, 2008

Bridget and Paulo met on a blind date. They were both very tentative about showing up (who wouldn’t be!), but as Bridget described to me, once they saw each other they were both beaming from ear to ear. As they walked toward one another, Bridget put our her hand for a hand shake, Paulo leaned in for a hug, and Bridget ended up accidentally punching Paulo in the stomach. Could have been straight out of a movie script ; ) They both told me that they immediately knew that this was “it”.

After spending the afternoon with them last Sunday, Erik and I could see very clearly that they are a perfect match. They belong together. Their obvious affection for one another, the little glances they share, the comfort they have with one another is just – well, “it”. Erik and I had an absolute blast being around Bridget and Paulo, and we left the session with a feeling that we have gained a couple of good friends.

We met up Bridget and Paulo’s new home in Monroe (our new neighbors!) and got this shot of them with their two adorable poodles:

Then we headed to Southford Falls in Oxford, CT. This place is practically in my backyard and it is a shame that I have never been there before. It is so beautiful there and I definitely recommend checking it out if you have time.

We started off on this bridge. The colors and the reflections were just killer:

Love this shot ; )

We headed to the waterfall:

They are just so perfect together!

My favorite ; )

They are a seriously incredible looking couple!

Loving the sun flare!

Bridget was giving me some sassiness. Love it!

I told you this location is amazing. God I love fall.

Erik’s view:

The lighting was perfect.

I just couldn’t get enough of the back light!


How cute is this? I have so many favorites ; )

The light was so golden…

We didn’t want to stop shooting!

This shot makes me happy ; )

Thank you Bridget and Paulo!! We had so much fun with you both. Thank you also for convincing us that when we do go to Paris we will also need to stop by Portugal, Spain and Italy too ; )
We can’t wait for you wedding!! Only a few months now!!

Vicki & Erik

5 Responses to “Bridget + Paulo – Oxford, CT Engagement Session Photos”

  1. bridget Says:

    OMG!!!! You guys!!….they came out amazing! You did a wonderful job. We just looked at them together and we love them. Thank you so much, you definately surpassed our expectations. Love them!

  2. Robert J. Trenske Says:

    These images are great, what a cute couple! The first one with the dogs is really great. I also love all the sun flare, but I think the ones on the benches are my favorite. Really great job Vicki & Erik!!

  3. Kathleen Trenske Says:

    What a great session – totally captures fall in New England. Love the use of the bridge, the lake and the bench. Some really beautiful images – I think my favorite is when he’s picking her up and she’s looking over his shoulder – so cute! :)

  4. Vicki Says:

    Thanks guys!! They are fun couple for sure!

  5. robin dini Says:

    these are gorgeous! i love these!

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