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Kristine + Maciej – Madison, CT Engagement Session Photos

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

On Saturday Erik & I had a very COOL engagement session with Kristine & Maciej at Hammonasset State Park in Madison. Or should I say a COLD engagement session – but we made it through and got some awesome images. Kristine and Maciej are serious troopers! They weren’t wearing jackets, and Kristine made it through the entire session with a relatively thin long sleeve shirt. I was impressed ; ) I was all bundled up with many layers of clothing, a jacket, a hat, scarf and gloves and my hands were still cold. The chill in the air forced them to stay close to one another – which ended up being an awesome thing.

Kristine and Maciej are one of those couples that when you are around them it is nearly impossible not to smile. I felt that way the first time we met, and again when we spent the afternoon with them at Hammonasset. How cool is our job that we get to spend a couple hours with a fun, in love couple!! Even in the cold.

On the beach we started with some “activity” to warm up.

The looks they give each other are priceless.

The ring! Ever since Erik lost his wedding band at the beach I get extremely nervous…

Yeah, they are a stunning couple!

I asked Kristine to give me a little “sassiness” and she told me that Maciej is better at it….so here he is looking handsome!

Erik doing the splits. It is always funny to see ourselves in action ; )

LOVE this one. Just look at Kristine’s eyes!! Enough said.

Erik captured this one – I really like the angle and the way Kristine is looking at Maciej.

I realize this one isn’t focused on their faces – not intentionally. It’s a happy accident. Love the mood of it.

Erik captured this one of me hiding in the brush…

To capture this moment ; )

Love these next two that Erik captured – do these make you smile or what??

Some more activity to warm up!

These next few are my favorites. Those smiles!!

This one needs to enlarged and hung somewhere ; )

They made a Thank You sign for their Save the Dates.

Erik rocked this silhouette! The sky was amazing!

So we had to shoot more near the beach and the sunset.

Seriously guys – you are just too cute together.

This shot is kind of random but I absolutely LOVE the moment here…a candid, relaxed moment. Love the expressions on their faces.

Kristine & Maciej we had an awesome time with you both!! We are SO looking forward to your wedding! Hope you have Happy Holidays!

Vicki & Erik

It’s My Birthday

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Today I turned 34!! Wow. Time has flown by way too fast. I have had quite an amazing day today – we got some beautiful snow, and Erik and I got to shoot an engagement session with an awesome couple. Then Erik took me out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Kolam in Newtown, CT. The day couldn’t have been better. I am not going to get mushy here, but I did want to say that I am so grateful for all the people who I have known a long time, and also to the people who have recently come into my life. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many supportive and just plain awesome people. And of course, my amazing husband Erik. Thank you for your empathy when I needed it, for the hugs when I needed them, for the jokes when I needed them, and for the support when I needed it too. Thanks for knowing what I need, when I don’t know myself ; ) And mostly, thanks for showing me that I can be at my very worst and you will love me even more. I am grateful for all that I have learned in the past 34 years – and there have been a lot of learning experiences for sure. I am looking forward to all the experiences that are to come!

On that note I will leave you with some pics of me as a kid. Please excuse the poor quality scans of really old photographs.

Here is the infamous picture that my family has laughed about for years:

And one that I love that my Dad took and developed in our darkroom.

We’re back from Holiday!

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Well, we have been back for a week, and I am sorry for not posting sooner! After a week of catching up I am ready to post some pictures from our awesome trip to Placerville, CA. Erik and I had a blast, as always, with his parents Rod & Lisa Souza, and we got to spend some time with Lauren (Erik’s sister) and our almost-3-year-old nephew Jacob. I haven’t been THAT relaxed in a very long time! Erik and I did some of our most favorite things – spending time with his family, driving around and taking lots for pictures of the beautiful scenery, eating at In-N-Out Burger (2 times), watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended version), and catching up on sleep! We also had the opportunity to watch the extremely talented Lisa Souza in action – she is one UH-mazingly gifted artist (there will be a future post with images of her at work). Lisa taught me how to knit a couple of years ago, and after almost a year of not knitting, I am SO inspired to knit like crazy after seeing all of her awesome colorways. Yes, I saw her entire stash all in one place – in the guest house/studio where we slept. A color-freaks dream ; ) This is what I do in the off season. Erik plays video games.

On our first day there we headed in to “town” and Erik and I were so amazed to see how much Jake has grown. He didn’t forget us, thank goodness ; )

Jake was trying on hats – his Uncle Erik ended up buying him this one.

We got to play some ball! Here is Lauren sending it home:


and Jake!

He eventually figured out that it is easier to hit the ball with his eyes open, but it took some practice.

Then Lisa, Rod, Erik and I drove up to Jenkinson Lake. We found this cool stump:

It was a perfect day! The sky was gorgeous. (especially with my infrared converted camera)

We were walking around a bit and saw a wolf. It was so beautiful. Unfortunately both Erik & I had on our wide lenses to shoot the landscape and we didn’t capture it. We just watched it walking around. I felt so lucky.

Then we headed up into the Sierra. It is so magical there! Here is another infrared:

The moss on the trees was incredible.

I love these trees – they feel like something out of a fantasy movie.

The views up there were breathtaking:

We passed through Silver Lake:

And then to Caples Lake. Apparently they had been draining the lake, which made for a crazy experience! There were many old stumps, and rocks and old objects (Erik found an old Bubble Up Soda bottle which was made in the 70’s) that were buried under the Lake since way back when.

A few years ago Erik and I went to see the Dorothea Lange and Pirkle Jones exhibit at the SF Moma on their documentation of Lake Berryessa before the dam was built. Mind you, the images looked very different, but the exhibit kept coming to mind…Sadly I can’t find any of the images themselves online.

It was like another world.

I will have more to post from our trip for sure. We took so many pictures ; )

Be sure to check out Lisa’s blog for her version – and you can see a picture of Erik & I “chimping“.