Kristine + Maciej – Madison, CT Engagement Session Photos

December 11th, 2008

On Saturday Erik & I had a very COOL engagement session with Kristine & Maciej at Hammonasset State Park in Madison. Or should I say a COLD engagement session – but we made it through and got some awesome images. Kristine and Maciej are serious troopers! They weren’t wearing jackets, and Kristine made it through the entire session with a relatively thin long sleeve shirt. I was impressed ; ) I was all bundled up with many layers of clothing, a jacket, a hat, scarf and gloves and my hands were still cold. The chill in the air forced them to stay close to one another – which ended up being an awesome thing.

Kristine and Maciej are one of those couples that when you are around them it is nearly impossible not to smile. I felt that way the first time we met, and again when we spent the afternoon with them at Hammonasset. How cool is our job that we get to spend a couple hours with a fun, in love couple!! Even in the cold.

On the beach we started with some “activity” to warm up.

The looks they give each other are priceless.

The ring! Ever since Erik lost his wedding band at the beach I get extremely nervous…

Yeah, they are a stunning couple!

I asked Kristine to give me a little “sassiness” and she told me that Maciej is better at it….so here he is looking handsome!

Erik doing the splits. It is always funny to see ourselves in action ; )

LOVE this one. Just look at Kristine’s eyes!! Enough said.

Erik captured this one – I really like the angle and the way Kristine is looking at Maciej.

I realize this one isn’t focused on their faces – not intentionally. It’s a happy accident. Love the mood of it.

Erik captured this one of me hiding in the brush…

To capture this moment ; )

Love these next two that Erik captured – do these make you smile or what??

Some more activity to warm up!

These next few are my favorites. Those smiles!!

This one needs to enlarged and hung somewhere ; )

They made a Thank You sign for their Save the Dates.

Erik rocked this silhouette! The sky was amazing!

So we had to shoot more near the beach and the sunset.

Seriously guys – you are just too cute together.

This shot is kind of random but I absolutely LOVE the moment here…a candid, relaxed moment. Love the expressions on their faces.

Kristine & Maciej we had an awesome time with you both!! We are SO looking forward to your wedding! Hope you have Happy Holidays!

Vicki & Erik

7 Responses to “Kristine + Maciej – Madison, CT Engagement Session Photos”

  1. Robert J. Trenske Says:

    These pictures are really nice, I love the mood in them. I especially like the boardwalk ones and you know how I am a sucker for tall grass. Also, so glad you put the silhouette one in, it is really beautiful. Great job on all of these you two!!

  2. Erik Maziarz Says:

    awesome set! they look like they’re straight out of a J. Crew catalog! love the tall grass.

  3. Vicki Says:

    Thanks Rob ; ) We all love tall grass don’t we???

  4. Vicki Says:

    Thanks Erik!! J. Crew huh? I haven’t checked out that catalog in ages ; )

  5. Lisa S Says:

    I love the shot where you talked about sassiness. His look is priceless. After seeing Erik get down in the bushes, here in the Sierra, I can see how he and you capture those great shots. Nothing like loving your work and these are great shots of a lovely couple. they will treasure these shots forever.

  6. robin dini Says:

    LOVE the shots in the tall grass. Really beautiful. You should be working a J.Crew catalog girlfriend!

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