Wedding Rings

January 4th, 2009

A few months back Erik lost his handmade wedding band at an engagement session on a beach in Boston. He has been ringless since, and I have been on a mad quest to find a special ring to replace the one he lost. I am a bit of a jewelry lover, and I especially love modern and unique pieces. I found the coolest website the other day in my search and I just had to share with all of you brides! The website is New York Wedding Ring and you get to spend a day making your own ring! If I had known about this back when we were getting married, I would have loved to spend a day with my hubby-to-be making each others wedding bands. Exchanging rings on your wedding day is always special, but how much more special would it be looking at that wedding band for years to come and thinking of the day they were made. Really. Awesome. I am also a fan of Mokume Gane, which is how I came across the site in the first place. Now I will just have to talk Erik into spending a day to make his wedding band. Check it out!

And just for fun, this is a website I check out often – Krikawa. I absolutely love their work! Specifically the Mokume Gane rings ; ) Someday maybe I will own one.

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  1. robin dini Says:

    Wow!!! Those sites are so cool! I love custom jewelry like that….and having it be your wedding band, even more special. Hmm, maybe I can convince Frank to do that for our 5 year anniversary :)

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