We’re back!!

March 1st, 2009

Ok this post is long overdue! Erik & I had a blast at the WPPI convention in Las Vegas, and it has taken us this long to catch up. It was a week of learning and spending time with some old and some new friends. I am proud of myself for not gambling all of our money away, and we even got a chance to see KA Cirque du Soleil on our last night. Even better we saw it with our good friends Rob & Kathleen. It was a perfect end to a week of intense learning, socializing and sleeping very little. It was so good to come back to our kitties, but slightly stressful catching up on e-mail and phone calls. We are back in the swing of things though, and we are excited to roll out a few goodies this year for our clients! Oh, and I had mentioned in a previous post that I would have a bunch of awesome pictures from our trip. Well, Erik and I barely picked up our cameras for the entire time in Vegas, but I did get this one shot of the Bellagio at night with my iPhone ; )

2 Responses to “We’re back!!”

  1. Val McCormick Says:

    The Bellagio is gorgeous! I-phone? That’s a great shot! WIsh I would of had the chance to hang out while in Vegas.

  2. robert norman Says:

    you know – as goofy as the whole fountain thing there is, I could stand there for HOURS mesmerized by them!!!

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