Robert & Kathleen Photographers – West Palm Beach, FL Portrait Session Photos

March 17th, 2009

This past week Erik and I took a few days to relax before the start of wedding season. We headed down to West Palm Beach, FL and had an amazing time! Throughout the year we have big ideas for photo shoots. We keep a giant list containing ideas of things and places we would love to shoot. (Anyone want to meet us in Paris or New Zealand?) On the top of our list was shooting a vintage-y session with a small plane. We e-mailed a few places in the West Palm area on the off chance they would let us “borrow” a plane for an hour or so (if you don’t ask you don’t get!) and Tamara (and the other folks) at Sunquest Aviation were gracious enough to oblige. And not just oblige – they were truly excited to allow us in their facility! As Erik and I were planning this shoot, we remembered that our very good friends Robert and Kathleen just launched their new vintage travel inspired brand. We have known Rob and Kathleen for a couple of years now, and some of their favorite things are vintage style, traveling, and airplanes! Guess who was willing to jump on a plane at the last minute to be our models!!

We had the plane reserved for us in the late afternoon, so we decided to head to Juno Beach to relax a bit.
It was about 80 degrees and the weather was perfect. A nice change of pace from the 40 degree weather we left in Connecticut.

The water was nice and warm…

How adorable are they?

My favorite from the beach.

Love this shot Erik got under the pier. Look at that perspective – and that water!

Then we headed to Sunquest Aviation where our little yellow plane was waiting, and Rob and Kathleen brought the fabulousness!

Love this shot of Kathleen that Erik got!


So fierce (I have been watching a bit too much Top Model lately)!

For these next three I was going for a “film still” look. Think Casablanca.

I have never loved yellow so much ; )

Catch Me If You Can Inspired…

We know how much Rob and Kathleen love silhouettes and sun flare ; )

We had such a BLAST with you both Rob & Kathleen. Thank you for taking that flight – it was SO worth it!!
Don’t forget to check our Rob & Kathleen’s shiny new blog!

17 Responses to “Robert & Kathleen Photographers – West Palm Beach, FL Portrait Session Photos”

  1. Robert J. Trenske Says:

    Vicki & Erik, There are so awesome and beautiful and amazing and (insert any REALLY COOL WORDS HERE). Thank you so much for shooting us in such a unique and fun way that is totally us. We absoloutey love the photos, you guys totally rock. We are so lucky to be such good friends with you guys. Thank you again!!

  2. Val McCormick Says:

    OMG!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!!!! Kathleen rocked that yellow like there is no tomorrow!!!! These are amazing Vicki and Eric!!!

  3. Kathleen Trenske Says:

    LOVE THEM!!! Thank you both SO MUCH!! You really captured the look we were going for and even more! We really can’t thank you both enough – for the pictures, for the support and for your friendship! YOU ROCK!! :)

  4. Vicki Says:

    Thanks Val! Rob & Kathleen are fabulous, aren’t they? Kathleen got that AMAZING dress at Anthropologie.

  5. Claudia Says:

    Hi Vicky. I had so much fun seeing this pictures :) Rob &Kathleen look fabulous!!! Love the one where they are looking at each other and the plane between them ;) cute!

  6. Robert J. Trenske Says:

    I wanted to post how much I LOVE the one that is 5 from the bottom, it is so simple and beautiful. We also really love the ones under the wings. SO EXCITING!!!! :)

  7. eric langlois Says:

    Wow, these are incredible! You guys look awesome!

  8. stacey costanzo sullivan Says:

    I LOVE these pictures! Rob & Kathleen look amazing, and you really captured that vintage feel, Vicki! Wow!

  9. Kathleen Breheny Lugo Says:

    I LOVE THESE!!! They are so beautiful! Great Job!

  10. Candice Dowling Says:

    Um, LOVE THESE! You guys look so fantastic. Kathleen – I love the dress. You look so gorgeous. Too many to fav… but i love the two black and whites in front of the plane, classic. Also love the two of you walking in front of one of the hangars.

  11. Lisa S Says:

    Love the Casablanca shots and yes, the photo that Erik got under the pier. Very creative, you guys. What fun!

  12. robin dini Says:

    This post has left me google eyed. Unbelievably awesome! You have totally blown me away. The whole concept, the posing, the colors, all of it rocks!

  13. robert norman Says:

    ok—i’m so excited i want to use a curse word—but will not!!! My head is ready to pop—are you kidding??? This is amazing. The shot of them in B&W sitting under the wing—COME ON!!!

  14. Vicki Says:

    Ha ha! Thanks so much everyone ; ) What can I say – we had AMAZING models!

  15. Eric Foley Says:

    Wow!!!!! These are incredible! You really captured their genuine personalities. It looks like you guys had so much fun. Gotta love me some Trenske!

  16. Geoff Boka Says:

    WOW! What amazing shots! so well put together, i love it!! What a great shoot! I wish i could have been there. Serious jealousy over here. Beautiful photos Vicki and way to go Trenskes you guys look awesome!

  17. Jason Henriques Says:

    Great work guys, These photos are amazing.

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