Lana – West Palm Beach, FL Bridal and Trash the Dress Session Photos

March 30th, 2009

While Erik and I were in West Palm Beach we also had the opportunity to meet up with Lana. She is an incredibly stunning model that we had the pleasure of working with. Originally we had planned on only working with her at at Sunquest Aviation, but since Rob and Kathleen rocked that already, we spent a limited time with the plane, and decided to get some images of Lana in a wedding gown and veil at the beautiful Coral Cove Park in Jupiter, FL.

I LOVE traveling. Love it. Love going to new places, and seeing and experiencing new things. However, I am not the greatest flyer. BUT I also refuse to give in to my (irrational) fears, and refuse to be limited by it. The farthest I have flown was with Erik on our honeymoon to New Zealand. (Thanks Mom & Dad Souza!) It was well worth the 13 hour in-flight time! Not to mention the fact that we bungee jumped in New Zealand too. Like I said, I am not one to miss out on an opportunity because of fear. I am telling you this because as we were working with the amazing folks at Sunquest Aviation and one of the gentlemen asked if I would like to sit in the two seater plane as he was moving it from one side of the field to the other for our photo session. Little did I know that we were going for a flight! It really was a blast, as scared as I was ; ) Even when he turned around while flying to show me “no hands!” Needless to say, he may have talked me in to taking some flight lessons some time in the future (in my spare time). What better way to face my fears.

Ok – back to the session. Here are a few with the plane.

Off to Coral Cove Park!

Lana is wearing a birdcage veil from Brenda’s Bridal Veils. All of the hair fasteners, and this veil are from Brenda. She is amazing!

The rocks at Coral Cove Park were really interesting. It reminded me of cooled lava.

LOVE this shot. That is actually the veil I wore at my wedding ; )

Love these next two as well!

We figured we would have some fun in the water.

And of course laying down too. Splash!

Lana we had a blast with you! Wish we could have joined you on your trip to Austria. Maybe next time!

5 Responses to “Lana – West Palm Beach, FL Bridal and Trash the Dress Session Photos”

  1. Robert J. Trenske Says:

    I LOVE the beach ones, ESPECIALLY the ones with the veil blowing in the wind. Really beautiful! The ones of her on the rocks are my favorite!! Awesome job!! :)

  2. Lana Says:

    SIMPLY WOW! i LOVE them! thanx! an absolute pleasure working with you guys!
    …and after missing two flights, and currently waiting in london gatwick airport for my next one….i bet austria doesn’t seem so appealing to ya’s ! ;-)
    thanx again! xx

  3. robin dini Says:

    girrrrrrrrl. you are driving me nuts with your insane images! that second image with the plane…OMG. You’ll have to share your secrets with me next time we chit chat. I love how vibrant your colors are. The sky and water in so incredibly blue…..oy vey! Great job!

  4. Kathleen Trenske Says:

    Love these!! Great job, you guys! The shots on the beach are amazing!! The water, the waves, those awesome rocks – you guys totally rocked these!!

  5. Val McCormick Photography Says:

    The beach water, the sky, the wind…..incredible! Beautiful guys :-)

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