Tyler + Ken – Weston, CT Engagement Session Photos

April 4th, 2009

Sunday was a misty, dreary day, which as photographers excites us a bit! The light is soft and diffused, and is perfect for even, glowing skin. Although if it rains too much is poses a bit of a challenge. Thank goodness the mist settled by the time we met Tyler and Ken, but the gorgeous light was still there. Perfect. This was the first time we met Tyler and Ken in person, which can be part of the fun of working with a couple from out of town. They live in Los Angeles, and from our phone and e-mail conversations we knew we had a few things in common – born and raised in CT and transplanted to California, and we share a love of Metallica, which told me all I need to know!! It was that much cooler meeting Tyler and Ken in person – to see first hand how they are each other’s best friend, and how they make each other laugh like no other couple I have ever seen. I can honestly say that just watching Tyler and Ken interact made Erik and I feel so calm – like we just wanted to observe these two incredible people. Together.

We met up at The Cobb’s Mill Inn in Weston, CT. This was a special place for Tyler because it was where her parents were married. I think Weston is one of the coolest towns in CT. And I was fascinated by the fact that The Cobb’s Mill Inn is one of the oldest buildings in the country.

We started off by the waterfall out back.

And walked around to the other side. As soon we walked over we found ourselves surrounded by ducks who were expecting to be fed.

Love this one Erik shot.

And then their personalities came out! LOVE LOVE LOVE these next two!

Love how they look at each other.

Too cute!

LOVE this one – isn’t she gorgeous?

Love this ring shot too ; )

The ducks were hovering, so Tyler and Ken joined their pack.

Cracking each other up ; )

Bringing a bit of fierceness!

To the bar inside for a beer!

Thank you Tyler and Ken for flying out here and meeting us. We had SO much fun with you both – your closeness and laughter inspired us! We can’t wait for more laughter and (some tears) at your wedding!!

Vicki + Erik

5 Responses to “Tyler + Ken – Weston, CT Engagement Session Photos”

  1. robert norman Says:

    that ‘giggly’ shot on the deck is SO CUTE!!! Love the geese as well…

  2. Robert J. Trenske Says:

    We had a wedding at the Cobbs Mill Inn last July and it is certainly a fun place. I have to agree with Robert about those two shots. Really great!! Nice job on this session guys!!

  3. Robin Dini Says:

    these guys are too funny! I love their chemistry in front of the camera. Their wedding pictures are going to rock!!!

  4. Ty Says:

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments! We are SO lucky to have Vicki and Eric as our photographers. It’s really nice to feel super confident about this aspect of the wedding so we can freak out about everything else! Thanks again, guys. We had a blast.

  5. susan ried Says:

    Wow, great photos, love to see so much happiness in action! Beautiful couple.

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