Wake by Whispers – Shelton, CT Band Photos

September 29th, 2008

Last Sunday we were so psyched to meet up with the guys of Wake by Whispers for a photo session. They are super nice guys and Erik & I had a blast hanging out with them for the afternoon. I am dying to hear more of their music – they are a Christian Metal/Hardcore Band right here in Fairfield County. Any other hardcore fans out there? If so you should check these guys out!

Starting it off with my favorite image of the day!

For this next shot we had a guy riding by on rollerblades.


Love this one…


Meet the guys! This is Bill – guitars and backing vocals


Brent the Drummer


KC on Bass


And Anthony on Vocals and Guitar


Love this graffiti (Does this location remind you of anything?)


and the train tracks:


One of my favs from the day

We found an abandoned building

Really loving this one! Fav!

and this one too

We had a great time wth you guys!! I can’t wait to hear your new CD!

Vicki & Erik

7 Responses to “Wake by Whispers – Shelton, CT Band Photos”

  1. Autumn Thomes Says:

    Very nice! Where did you find that graffiti and the train bridge? It looks like it might be around 95 between Milford and New Haven… I found a cool graffiti wall there but I haven’t gotten a chance to explore it yet.

    By the way, you’ve been tagged… check my blog for details.

  2. Vicki Says:

    Thanks Autumn! This was shot in Derby by Rte 34. One of my favoirte palces to shoot!
    I am off to check out your blog!

  3. Robert J. Trenske Says:

    Love the first shot and the one in the stairs!! Nice job Vix!!

  4. Valeria McCormick Says:

    Awesome Job Vicki. I’ve gotta say the train bridge is definately my fav. Really cool collection :-)

  5. Alex Pendergist Says:

    WoW These are absoultely amazing! I love the one on the bridge I think it’s my favorite, maybe, they are all great!

    You Rock.


  6. Kathleen Trenske Says:

    I love all of these – such an awesome feel for a band shoot. The train bridge, the grafitti, the guy on rollerblades – very cool.

  7. Curt Sertuche Says:

    Thanks for the interesting post – Hey I added your post to my myspace page.

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