Amaris + Brendan – Meriden, CT Engagement Session Photos

December 13th, 2008

I had an incredible birthday last Sunday. It snowed, and Erik & I met up with Amaris, Brendan and Sugar at Hubbard Park in Meriden. From first contact I knew I would love these two. In fact the first time Amaris contacted me I adored her name – it sounds so beautiful when spoken! When we all met I liked them them just a little bit more – both Amaris and Brendan are sweet, gentle souls. The kind of people that just by being around them you feel like a better person. Erik & I feel so lucky to have spent the afternoon with them and that they are a part of our lives. Have I mentioned that we we have the privilege or working with SO many amazing couples??

Amaris and Brendan met in high school. They were friends first, which quickly turned in to more. Brendan was the first person Amaris kissed – and he will be the last. That makes me tear up a bit just thinking it. These two just belong together ; )

The past few weeks Amaris and I have e-mailed each other and she told me about their new puppy – Sugar. Then she sent me a picture and I almost fell on the floor! Needless to say, I fell in love with Sugar too. Just look at that face!!

We got some “family” shots of the three of them.

And another by the waterfall in the park.

I will warn you now, I have too many favorites from this session. I adore this shot!!

Erik’s view:

They are seriously a stunning couple – see how well they fit?

Sugar was making friends:

Happy Holidays!

A walk in the snow:

Love this one too. There are so many interesting spots at Hubbard Park.

We headed to this gazebo-type structure that has some nice columns

Erik’s view – love this moment.

Amaris’s Mom came to take Sugar home. I think she wanted to stay with us ; )

One of the foot bridges in the park – the light was just amazing.

And this other bridge – this was our favorite spot of the day.

This is my favorite from the day without a doubt!

We headed back to the lake

; )

And the ring!

Amaris and Brendan thank you so much for spending the day with us – and for the thoughtful birthday gift! You guys are just amazing , and we are so excited for the wedding!!

Love, Vicki & Erik

15 Responses to “Amaris + Brendan – Meriden, CT Engagement Session Photos”

  1. Robert J. Trenske Says:

    Wow these are really nice guys!! The dog is really cute and I love the “other bridge”, this park is really beautiful and you did a great job capturing this couple. I am sure that they will be nothing but really happy!! Awesome job as always!!

  2. Vicki Says:

    Thanks Rob!

  3. Kathleen Trenske Says:

    These are gorgeous – you totally got to rock the snow. They are an adorable couple and you two did an incredible job as always!

  4. Nivea Chaparro Says:

    Hi Vicki
    You and Erik have done an excellent job with the photos. Amaris has not seen them yet since she is working, but I’m sure she and Brendan will be so pleased. My husband and I looked at them together and some 30 years ago we also had our wedding pictures taken at one of those bridges. I can’t wait to see what you do with the wedding.

  5. Vicki Says:

    Thanks Kathleen! Yeah, it was cold, but it was worth it!

  6. Vicki Says:

    Thank you Nivea!! So glad you were able to check out the pictures. We had so much fun!!

  7. Amaris and Brendan Says:

    Hi Vicki and Erik,
    We absolutely love the photos! We can’t even pick a favorite because the next one is always the best. It was a pleasure meeting both of you, we both felt very comfortable during the session and we couldn’t be any happier with your photography. We look forward to seeing you soon and the Wedding Day can’t come soon enough. Thanks again

  8. Amaris & Brendan Says:

    Hey Vicki and Erik
    We love all the pictures…you guys did a wonderful job!!!! We couldn’t wait for you to post them but it was well worth the wait. We couldn’t even decide on which one was best b/c each photo became our new favorite. We enjoyed spending the day with you, and you made us feel comfortable. We can tell the two of you really care about doing the best job you can and the photos just prove it. Thank you sooooo much and we can’t wait for the wedding……
    Oh yeah, and Sugar says hello and that she too had a great time.

  9. Vicki Says:

    Thanks Amaris & Brendan!!! You guys rock. The wedding is right around the corner and we are so excited!

  10. Erik Maziarz Says:

    Great shoot guys! Really fun, crisp, clean photos. I always find Hubbard Park a challenging place to shoot. Love how you worked the buildings into the shoot.

  11. Vicki Says:

    Thanks Erik!! I forgot you are in Wallingford and close by ; ) It is a gorgeous park!

  12. Lisa S Says:

    AWWWWWW! They are such a beautiful couple and one gets the sense of the fun that they are going to have together. It was inspired to have the photos with Sugar (love the mug full of snow!) because she is so in the moment with them. The site is incredible and I get a sense of the scope of the buildings and scenery without losing the intimacy with these two. What a great back story, this being written by someone married to her high school sweetheart…

  13. robin dini Says:

    i agree on your picks for favorites. You did an amazing job on this one! Really love how you worked the colors and the tones of their clothes into your surroundings. LOVE it at Hubbard park. That pavilion rocks my world. Great job Vicki!

  14. Val McCormick Says:

    Beautiful set of images, Vicki! I love the light you did an amazing job with these! I LOVE your first fav. AWESOME JOB :-)

  15. Vicki Says:

    Thanks Val! They are such an awesome couple, they made our job easy ; )

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